Corser Concepts Motorcycle School is a motorcycle skills and balance improvement course aimed at teaching all motorcycle riders to become safer more confident riders. Their NSW motorcycle training centre is located in Wollongong (south of Sydney) and has been running since 2007. The course helps you focus on improving your cornering techniques for safety and speed while improving your abilities going into a corner, getting out of a corner, and if need be, past the competition.

They offer Motorcycle Lessons from the complete novice who simply wants to improve their confidence, to the more advanced rider who wants to learn the art of sliding.

Students that attend the NSW Motorbike training centre use one of the specially prepared small capacity 4 stroke motorcycles. This helps to teach the correct brake, throttle and clutch control skills needed to become a safer and more confident rider. Their tracks are designed to scale.

The concept for this? Why risk having a high-speed crash on an motorcycle when you can learn to ride and develop skills to slide a bike at much safer speeds.

They believe that all Motorcycle riders should get to experience the art of riding a dirt bike before taking on the open road.

Please visit the website and contact them if you have any further questions. Corser Concepts look forward to hearing from you!


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2665 Illawarra Highway, Tullimbar