Warilla is a suburb of Shellharbour City. It is a coastal suburb with a great beach for swimming and surfing. The beach stretches from Elliot Lake to the entrance of Lake Illawarra and out to Windang Island.

Fishing is popular on this long stretch of beach. The shared pathways also provide a great place for the kids to rides their bikes or go you can go for a stroll along the beautiful coastline. Barbecue facilities are available, making this an ideal location for picnic outings with friends and family.

At the northern end of Warilla beach you can access Windang Island. The island creates some unique scenery and you can find old railway relics around the base of the island.

Explore the interesting history of Windang Island with a virtual tour. Download the “Tread Shellharbour” App and follow the guided tour.


Check-in: 9:26pm


Does not cater for people with access needs.