Bushrangers Bay is an aquatic reserve located in Bass Point Reserve, just south of Shellharbour Village.

This is an excellent sheltered dive and snorkelling site, with an inner and outer bay. The three-hectare aquatic reserve protects abundant plant and sea life. Within the reserve, divers and snorkellers are requested not to touch the soft corals as they break off easily. Fishing or destroying marine life, including removing empty shells, is not permitted within the reserve.

The intertidal rock pools are home for many invertebrates. One of the most striking features within the reserve is a cliff shaped like an amphitheatre. In 10 metres of water, the cliffs are six metres high and contain hundreds of small cavities, which are home to sea urchins and tropical fish.

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Check-in: 6:30am

Check-out: 8:00pm


Actively welcomes people with access needs.


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Bass Point Reserve, Bass Point Tourist Road, Shellharbour